Private Premium Finance

Start Your Own Finance Co

Could you benefit from a seven-figure increase in revenue with little to no additional work? A Private Premium Finance Company owner can expect to earn 2x to 3x times more than what they might be earning from a 3rd party premium finance company.

Our Private Premium Finance Program allows agencies, wholesalers, and carriers to produce significant additional revenue with a Private Premium finance company without the headaches of forming and operating it.

If your agency finances over 1.5mm annually, forming your own private premium finance company could be a very lucrative business endeavor. Contact us or learn more about the benefits and how it works below

Key Advantages

  • Allows a more flexible way for insured to pay
  • Creates a new revenue stream with low risk
  • Generates a more predictable monthly revenue stream
  • Collect commissions upfront

We Manage Every Step

  • All state/ national licensing and compliance
  • 100% of customer servicing
  • Nationally-compliant loan management software
  • All accounting and reporting

“Forming our own finance company has been central to the success of our RRG. It allows us to provide the flexibility to help our insureds with a payment plan that best suits their needs. It also allows us to provide an additional service to our insureds which we feel enhances our overall relationship with them”— Michal Walter, President and CEO of Hoxbridge Insurance Company.

How Profitable Can this Be?

We can provide a financial model with projections on how a Private Premium Finance Company can generate you 2x-3x more revenue than working with a third party premium finance partner.

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