Loss Control

Audits and Inspections

Over two decades collecting payments from insureds. We have also found out that we are pretty good at collecting information from insureds as well. Whether it’s a loss control inspection call or a mid term or year end audit, we have been able to use our existing staff to successfully perform these loss control tasks.

Simplify Audits & Inspections and Reduce Cost Using our Top-Level Technology and high level service team. Our Open API allows easy access from all open systems. We are able to provide import options for Non-API Integrations.

We set up customizable time intervals to meet your current business process. Experienced and bilingual professional service team produces over a 99% compliance rate. Creative email and text solutions increase success rate and turn around time.

Key Features

  • Our industry leading technology sets us aside from the competition.
  • API Integration
  • A professional & knowledgeable team to support you.

PolicyPay Integration

  • Integrate PolicyPay
  • Send inspection request via API call
  • Inspections loaded and queued up in PolicyPay

Inspection Process

  1. Inspection request by client’s system
  2. Inspection assigned to representative
  3. Text & email notifications sent out
  4. Inspection call is made
  5. Calls, text, & emails continue weekly until inspection is complete
  6. Representative logs all notes and call attempts
  7. Completed inspections emailed to client
  8. Generate non-compliant report for incomplete inspections

The team at Mount West provides exceptional service on our loss control. They are fast, efficient and always go above and beyond to complete our reports with accuracy and urgency. - Marina Torres - Loss Control / Audit Manager - Cypress Risk Assessments

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Simplify Audits & Inspections and Reduce Costs while easing your workload.

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